About Us

Find Serenity in a Safe Space

Suaimhneas is Irish for ‘serenity’ – a feeling of tranquility and calm – and this inspires everything we do at our day retreat centre. While we’re ideally situated just three minutes from exit 15 on the M7 Motorway, we represent a way of life that is a million miles away from the hustle, bustle and pressures of day-to-day life. Ours is a haven we dedicate to personal, spiritual development and self-awareness and we welcome your visit.     

The Suaimhneas Way: All is One

“The world is too much with us; late and soon,
Getting and spending, we lay waste our powers;
Little we see in Nature that is ours;
We have given our hearts away…” 
– William Wordsworth

You find yourself asking those big questions – what is my purpose? Why are we here? You are seeking peace, calm and relaxation in a safe and supportive space where you can explore your spirituality and the deeper meaning of life. At Suaimhneas we’re here to help you make sense of it all.

Our non-residential retreat centre is dedicated to cosmic spirituality – the understanding that we are biologically connected to every living thing in the world. It is only with this kind of cosmic consciousness that we can become one with the Universe and thrive within its flow of energy. And it is only by combining knowledge, science, spirituality and nature that we can find God and create a divine life of purpose.

“All is Holy. Matter and Spirit is One.
All is Sacred. All is One.”

To help you on your reflective journey of self-discovery, we offer experiences and programmes centred on Personal Development, Ecology, Cosmology and Cosmic Spirituality.

We combine the practices of Counselling, Reflexology, Mindfulness and Reflection to help you gain insight and answer your questions. Most importantly, our beautiful garden provides the restful and serene setting to sit and silently absorb the magnificence of nature: the space and quiet you need to listen to your inner voice and connect with all of life around you. 

About Your Hosts

Suaimhneas is run by Therapist Anne Lynch (Dip. Aromatherapy, Reflexology and Massage ITEC Diploma. Indian Head Massage VTCT) and Counsellor Mai Finlay (BSc (Hons) Counselling and Psychotherapy).

Both Mai and Anne have a rich background in Clinical Nursing, (General and Intellectual Disability) Nursing Education, Psychotherapy/Counselling and Administration.

Mai and Anne are members of the Congregation of the Sisters of Charity of Jesus and Mary, and their ministry has been inspired over the years by the charism and ethos of the congregation. Their life’s journey has also been enriched by their openness and keenness to explore Science, Cosmology and Ecology and the link between Spirituality and the Sciences, to better understand the story of our Universe and purpose.

Part of a Global Family

The congregation of the Sisters of Charity of Jesus and Mary was founded in Belgium in 1803. Today, it is an International Religious Institute serving in fourteen countries on the Continents of Europe, Africa and Asia.

The congregation has a specific mission to share its message – GOD IS LOVE – with all people and groups it encounters – especially in the areas of Education, Healthcare and Spirituality.

How Suaimhneas Can Help You

Embrace purpose and meaning in your life.

Appreciate your connection to humanity as a Whole.

Harness your thoughts and intentions to create your own best life.

Find inner peace and help you create peace in the world.

Experience a sense of awe and wonder as you develop your cosmic consciousness.

Share the secrets and mysteries of the Universe. 

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