A Sauimhneas Publication

“Every choice we make with awareness, enables us to create a value system which is mutually beneficial to all life forms.”

An inspirational, informative and enabling book, The Green Routine is your comprehensive key to making choices that will help you live harmoniously with all life species in the amazing web of life on our Planet Earth.

The Green Routine focuses on helping you…

  • Become more informed about the impact of climate change; the devastating effects of climate change caused by humans individual and collective choices.
  • Accept that Biodiversity is key to our very existence, understanding that we depend on healthy ecosystems for our food, air, water and climate – and that our use of pesticides, herbicides and climate change have destroyed so much natural life.
  • Practice living more mindfully day by day so that we may become more present to ourselves, to one another and to all life forms within our ‘common home’.
  • Recognise the importance of healing the wounded part within ourselves, so we can build healthy relationships with others and the natural world.
  • Think before you buy or throw anything away – and how you use the gifts of creation. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Refuse, Repurpose, Repair, Replace, Retrofit.
  • Introduce a simple prayer of gratitude before your daily main meal.