A Sauimhneas Publication

Thresholds of Transformation is a new innovative personal and communal
transformative process, undertaken by religious congregations in four
continents with a very positive response. Its rich content is grounded in
Laudato Si, the wisdom of the Universe Story and the Cosmic Christ, as
well as the Team Leaders, Donna Fyffe, Monica Brown and Hilary
Musgrave’s experience from thirty years of working with Women Religious.
Thresholds of Transformation (TT) consists of 10 Gatherings over a
twelve-month period, consisting of online video presentations supported
by inspirational reflections, beautiful imagery, graphics, and music. Time
for personal reflection and small group dialogue and sharing is built into the

There are optional Bridging Resources that contain additional videos,
journals, music, scripture, and readings that augment the content of each
specific Gathering.
To date this process has been undertaken by sisters within their own
On behalf of the Thresholds of Transformation Team, we are delighted to
be facilitating an Inter-congregational Pilot Study of TT, in our Suaimhneas
Day Retreat Centre in Emo County Laois. This exciting initiative is being
undertaken by 13 sisters in person, with one sister on Zoom, from four
different congregations across Ireland and the UK.

These are a few of the comments from different sisters during the first
4 Gatherings.
Thresholds of Transformation…
– Is helping me to make sense of what I have been reading / discovering for
– For the first time I feel a deep sense of resonance, am beginning to
understand that the universe story does make sense in our Christian
– It’s challenging me to be more whole heart in my daily living … not to get
stuck in “death in life”.
– The input is challenging and inspirational. The process is bringing me
back to a more reflective and conscious way of living.
– I am growing in awareness of the universe story … of the Cosmic Christ.
– Sharing this process with people from four different congregations, is
helpful and life giving and so enriching.
– There are no preconceived ideas about what each sister might say or
what their experience is.
– There is a freedom to express myself with acceptance.
– All of us are on the same journey. A feeling of freedom to share with
openness and trust. It brings more diversity which is great… enriched by
the interactions in the group.

Religious Women in many parts of the world are participating in
Thresholds of Transformation (TT), particularly in North America and
Australia, as well a few Congregations here in Ireland. LCWR is about to
begin the facilitation of TT with over a hundred of its members, while
many Congregations are signing up independently with Emmaus
Productions to participate in TT.

For more information please visit the Thresholds of Transformation
website at https://thresholdsoftransformation.org or email the
TT Core Team at admintt@emmausproductions.com