Reflective Walk in the Garden

Consciousness, Inter-connectedness and Contemplation

Take this opportunity to develop your awareness of the great work of our evolving Universe Story in which we all participate. The variety of areas within the grounds provide the space and opportunity to help you explore your own identity within the context of nature – and our interconnectedness and inter-relationship with the natural world. Rest in the many sheltered areas of the garden, mindful of the air that sustains all life, and practice mindful breathing. Walk the Cosmic Garden and contemplate the beginning of life some 13.7 billion years ago and be aware of your place in it. Walk the Labyrinth – an ancient symbol of Wholeness used for meditation and prayer.

You may choose to enjoy the Garden Walk in private or accompanied by a guide.

Date:                   Thursday September 9th 2023
Time:                  3pm – 5pm followed by refreshments

Booking is essential